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What’s new, cool and noteworthy in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, part two: delivery note posting – service items, delivery note reversal and master planning – supply schedule.

Two weeks ago I checked in here with my first instalment of highlights from AX 2012. Two weeks is a long time when you’re immersed in the world of ERP, hard at work absorbing the latest features and improvements, and now I’m back with three more new, cool and noteworthy tips to report on.

Dynamics AX 2102 delivery note posting – service items

There’s always been a bit of a problem with mixing inventory items and non-inventory items on a sales order. You can’t post picking lists for non-inventory items (or non-stocked products in Dynamics AX 2012 terminology), so in the past the process of creating a delivery note or invoice for a mixture of products and service charges (like pallets and freight charges) often required customisation.

However this problem has been resolved in Dynamics AX 2012with the addition of a really useful parameter to the sales order delivery note/packing slip posting form:

Dynamics AX2012 useful parameter - Picked quantity and not stocked products

This new ‘picked quantity and non stocked products’ option is exactly what is required to create a delivery note and invoice for a sales order with a mixture of products and service charges and is another nice example of how the power and usability of Dynamics AX has been improved in the 2012 version.


Dynamics AX 2102 Delivery note reversal

In earlier versions of Dynamics AX, reversing or correcting a sales order or purchase order packing slip/delivery note posting required a rather counter-intuitive posting of a negative quantity packing slip. In line with making the new version ‘powerfully simple’ the sales order packing slip journal display form now has ‘correct’ and ‘cancel’ buttons:

Dynamics AX2012 - the display form now has 'correct' and 'cancel' buttons

Which makes the process of correcting an accidental posting, well, powerful and simple.

The same buttons are available on the Purchase order Product receipt journal display form.

(Credit to Anna Davies for spotting this!)


Dynamics AX 2102 master planning – supply schedule  

Dynamics AX provides a new summary form in master planning called the supply schedule.

The supply schedule summaries the net requirements supply and demand calculations and presents them in the familiar MRP ‘bucket’ format:

Dynamics AX2012 - new summary form in master planning called the supply schedule

The form also includes a nice graphical display of projected inventory levels:

Dynamics AX2012 - graphical display of projected inventory levels


Posted by: Tim Schofield, Senior Consultant, Dynamics Solutions | 01 September 2011

Tags: AX, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, AX2012

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