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Which SharePoint 2010 version do I need?

With five different versions of SharePoint 2010 available on May 12th, it can be a little confusing to know which to go for. In this post I’ll provide some broad guidance to help select the right version of SharePoint 2010 based on the type of solution and business need.

A couple of comments before we get started. I won’t get into a licensing discussion but there’s flexibility to mix and match SharePoint 2010 Standard and Enterprise end-user licenses. This can be advantageous if certain enterprise features (such as Business Intelligence) are only used by a few people in the organisation. Also, if you’re looking for more information on SharePoint 2010 and some of the features mentioned here, I highly recommend reading the SharePoint 2010 Evaluation Guide or simply contacting us!

Document & Records Management

Intranet Site

Business Intelligence


Internet Site

Interested in learning more? Intergen frequently works with customers to develop a Platform Plan for SharePoint to ensure the right use of the technology over time. Contact us to get started on your SharePoint 2010 solution.

Posted by: Toby Spendiff, General Manager Digital, Data & AI | 26 April 2010

Tags: SharePoint 2010

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