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Introducing Azure App Foundry – the low-code answer to building enterprise apps

Here’s the dilemma that IT managers and C-suite executives are facing every day all over the country as they ponder how to develop a much-needed new application for their business – do I build, bend or buy it?

Getting your coders to ‘build’ a bespoke system tailor-made to your needs is tempting. If it is well-designed and executed, it should address the exact problem you are trying to solve. But bespoke systems can be costly to build and to upgrade over the long term and there’s a relatively high risk that you’ll get to the prototype phase and realise what you had in mind isn’t fit for purpose.

You could try and ‘bend’ the functionality of a large software platform to your needs. Leveraging the development resource, security and upgrade continuity of a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution you are already using, such as a cloud-base customer relationship management (CRM) package, has obvious advantages. But there’s a good chance that the platform can’t be adapted to your exact requirements and if you are looking to roll out an app to hundreds or thousands of staff, licensing costs could become prohibitive.

Then there’s the ‘buy’ option where you go out and look for a third-party application that could do the job. If you can find one that’s fit for purpose, you’ll avoid the expense and time required to build it yourself. But you’ll also be at the mercy of the software maker when it comes to upgrades and the future functionality of the application.

A new approach to software development with Azure App Foundry

A new approach to software development with Azure App Foundry

Software development - a better way

Our customers are increasingly looking to us to combine the best attributes of those three scenarios – an approach to developing enterprise apps that marries the cost-efficiencies, security and scale of cloud-based platforms and off-the-shelf third-party apps, with the flexibility and customisation potential of bespoke home-grown software.

Our answer is Azure App Foundry, which we are officially launching today.

Azure App Foundry is based on Microsoft Azure, one of the world’s largest cloud-computing platform. It takes advantage of the vast development resource, gold-plated security, functionality and scale that Microsoft has to offer in Azure. It isn’t tied to any particular software platform such as SAP, Oracle or Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Instead you get a suite of Azure-based tools to streamline the development process to create applications from scratch or modernise your ageing software systems. It also gives you a wide degree of flexibility to develop the exact functionality you need while taking a low-code approach that will save you time and money.

Picture Azure App Foundry as the chassis of a car rolling along the factory production line. The basic framework is there. Now it's up to you to add the wheels, the engine and deck out the interior to your liking. Intergen’s engineers are there to weld and bolt it all together, to fine-tune the engine and to ride shotgun, helping you navigate your way through the whole process.

A cloud-native approach

Two years in development, Azure App Foundry reflects our cloud-native approach to software development. We have all the DevOps and robust processes you need to develop fit-for-purpose enterprise applications, coupled with the power of Azure-based development tools.

It is an approach that will satisfy your desire to create a highly customisable solution, to prototype and iterate as you go. It will suit your need to deliver a mobile-first experience in an application and to integrate all the rich data feeds from your existing software systems.

Already our valued clients, such as Gallagher and New Zealand Police are using Azure App Foundry to develop and deploy web apps to a mobile workforce, quickly and cost effectively. The attractive total cost of ownership (TCO) equation that Azure App Foundry allows, is leading many of our clients to re-think their approach to application development.

No longer do you need to face that build, bend or buy dilemma. No longer do you have to reinvent the wheel every time you need to introduce new capability into your software suite. No longer must you be at the mercy of restrictive licensing schemes or locked into irrelevant updates.

You can have a highly scalable and secure solution that also delivers the flexibility you need to be an agile and responsive organisation. At Intergen we have extensive experience in helping organisations identify and solve their problems, using the full suite of Microsoft technologies to get the job done.

We are excited to finally bring Azure App Foundry to the world. We have only seen the beginning of its potential.

Visit the Azure App Foundry site to find out how Intergen can help you reinvent your approach to enterprise application development.

Azure App Foundry is the low-code answer to building enterprise apps

Posted by: Toby Spendiff, General Manager Digital, Data & AI | 16 December 2019

Tags: Microsoft Azure, Application development, Azure App Foundry, Low-code

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