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Talking Enterprise Mobility + Security

A few weeks ago, Jeff Tebbs and I had the pleasure of presenting a session, at the Intergen Wellington office, on the capabilities of Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S) suite.

Enterprise Mobility + Security provide a set of components which sit over the top of your Cloud Environment, much like a protective “Security Blanket”. Individually they can protect; your people, your devices and your data, and monitor and alert on IT threats as they arise in your Cloud Environment. Collectively, they can help provide a solution that will ensure the safety of your corporate identity. It allows secure mobile productivity with all the right safety measure in place.

For more information on Enterprise Mobility + Security capabilities, read through Jeff’s blogs:

These blog posts helped us prepare for the presentation. It gave us a solid foundation on what we wanted to talk about and how we would structure the presentation. It also gave us key phrases and good examples to use when trying to explain what technology does in fairly non-technical language. 

Running through the presentation was always going to be difficult; it is always a struggle to firstly, find a mutual time to be able to practice a presentation and secondly, take each other seriously, but we got there... Eventually!

The audience we had were great for us novice presenters and by our second session, our confidence had grown and the presentation seemed to flow a little easier.

Standing up in front of a room full of people is not for everyone – some people are born performers and others are hecklers. After this experience, I think I can conclude that I am a born heckler!

Posted by: Vanita Parbhu, Infrastructure Consultant | 06 July 2017

Tags: mobility, Security, Digital Transformation, EMS, Enterprise Mobility Suite, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

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