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Worldwide Partner Conference - an attendee's perspective

Having been to previous WPCs, I was looking forward to seeing how the conference had evolved in the four years since I last went. While good, the previous conferences for me were more about style than substance and on more than one occasion I left a keynote dazed and a little confused. ... read full post

Posted by:  Wayne Forgesson ,  |  05 August 2008

Worldwide Partner Conference

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The Glazier Mafia?

Several comments in the media recently have referenced a ‘Glazier Systems mafia’, stemming from a recent article, ‘Silicon in the Blood’, by Peter Griffin in Start Up  magazine. ... read full post

Posted by:  Wayne Forgesson ,  |  18 July 2008

Glazier, Wellington

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Webstock - a sponsor's view

Intergen was invited to once again be a sponsor of the Webstock conference held in Wellington Feb 13th & 14th. Webstock is not just another “web conference” but rather a web experience. The combination of a strong line-up of international speakers and an audience there to learn ensures interaction well beyond typical lecture style conferences. A number of attendees and speakers commented that the boutique style of Webstock made it far more enjoyable and interactive. One speaker in particular said that she was having more fun at Webstock than any of the other conferences she speaks at. ... read full post

Posted by:  Wayne Forgesson ,  |  19 February 2008


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