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Webstock - a sponsor's view

Intergen was invited to once again be a sponsor of the Webstock conference held in Wellington Feb 13th & 14th. Webstock is not just another “web conference” but rather a web experience. The combination of a strong line-up of international speakers and an audience there to learn ensures interaction well beyond typical lecture style conferences. A number of attendees and speakers commented that the boutique style of Webstock made it far more enjoyable and interactive. One speaker in particular said that she was having more fun at Webstock than any of the other conferences she speaks at.

Intergen had the pleasure of an association with Peter Morville for the conference. This included a book signing at the Intergen Recovery Tent and having Peter talk to our Wellington based team. Peter’s sessions at Webstock and the Intergen office were well regarded, with all Peter’s books selling.

Understanding that multi-day conferences can be mentally (if not physically) draining, Intergen set up and offered a Recovery Tent as our exhibition offering. A traditional canvas tent was suitably attired with yellow and themed as our very own “4077” (Mash TV series for those too young) offering water, energy drinks and massages for willing participants. While our attempts at a helicopter flying competition were a little derailed by the meltdown of the radio controlled helicopter, this didn’t thwart us in offering plenty of entertainment, especially for those waiting patiently for espresso from People’s Coffee.

As you can imagine, Intergen gets approached about conference sponsorship on a very regular basis. We have several conferences we believe are worth sponsoring or exhibiting at and these form part of our standard marketing activities. Webstock is one of these. The reason we do this is because we feel more engaged with the organisers and therefore are able to drive greater return on our investment. The return isn’t about getting a bunch of orders from conference attendees - far from it. Rather, it is the association with a speaker, both at the conference and for the wider Intergen team, having an opportunity to mix with our clients, many of whom are there, and having additional members of the Intergen team attending the main conference. All of whom in traditional Intergen inconspicuous fashion were wearing yellow camouflage which for some strange reason really didn’t help one blend into the environment.

Webstock 2008 was a fantastic event that we are proud to have been associated with, and we look forward to hopefully be associated with the next one when it rolls around.

Posted by: Wayne Forgesson | 19 February 2008

Tags: Webstock

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