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Day 1: The first official day of WPC

I believe there are about 8000 attendees here (approximately 6000 delegates, plus 2000 Microsoft employees) and it looked like most of them attended the first keynote by Alison Watson, Bill Veghte and Stephen Elop.

Bang! What a morning. At the conclusion of the keynote I felt a little like a possum in the headlights – I didn’t know which way to look. Key aspects introduced included:

As usual, there were lots of slides and demos all of which were interesting and well presented. Even when one of the demos didn’t go well, it didn’t distract from the message. My list of cool (and useful) aspects is:

  • Excel 2010 – “Sparklines” which allow you to view ‘mini’ charts within a cell
  • Outlook 2010 – an 'ignore' function where you can ignore a conversation going on
  • Outlook 2010 – tips when you are doing something (like presenting you with an Out of Office message before you send an email to someone)
  • Dynamics CRM – social networking integration, including accessing Twitter data within and from CRM
  • Office Web Applications
  • Voice to text features of Exchange, as part of Microsoft’s expanding unified communications vision

This really is a big wave of products and while lots of the above may already be known to many of us, it is great to see more detail on it.

Following the keynote I had the pleasure of being part of a roundtable discussion with Stephen Elop (President, Microsoft Business Division) which was very interesting and enlightening. It is great to get the chance to meet and have discussions with a senior Microsoft executive. Well done Microsoft New Zealand.

Other activities included attending some other sessions, buying a new Windows Mobile phone and having the first look at the Exhibition Hall – that will require some serious attention over the coming days. Lots to see and lots of people to talk to. The day finished with a very good New Zealand attendee dinner.

Posted by: Wayne Forgesson | 15 July 2009

Tags: Worldwide Partner Conference

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