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Day 3: WPC09

Postcard #4

Once again the keynote started with the band Playing for Change. Allison Watson came on and explained that Jack Welch, who was scheduled to speak, couldn’t make it which was a disappointment. Instead, they showed the Students to Business portal and had some ex-students on stage. Additionally, they showed the Mobile Marketplace and an impressive Surface-based health application.

Then the fun started with a bit of a look at the future. A Microsoft Research video which was great, and suggested that almost everything on there is possible and will be with us within the next 10 years or so. Very impressive.

Bill Buxton, a researcher then came on. He is (according to Allison) the father of multi-touch which he started in 1984. The projects he works on take approximately 20 years from start to delivery. Some of the interesting aspects were:

  • According to Microsoft, Microsoft Surface isn’t a product – it is a way of thinking
  • Zune HD looked very impressive, although I don’t know if we’ll be getting these in New Zealand

Following that session we had Kevin Turner (Chief Operating Officer). His session covered a lot of ground, including Microsoft’s strategy for FY2010 and several direct competitive comparisons – Microsoft is being far more public about this than I’ve seen previously.

After the main keyote, I went to the Public Sector value keynote. Rob Wolf from eSponder showed off the video from the All-stars game that included the multi-touch work that our team – Andrew Tokeley, Lawrence Hodson and Andy Wong – worked on. Again, very impressive and I must get a copy of that video.

I went to a number of other sessions, and took some time to wander around the Expo Hall. Lots of people here showing their goods and services and some very interesting stuff. I’ll be loaded up with info and swag and the baggage limit will be stretched as usual.

The WPC is certainly continuing to be interesting and delivering, and the next WPC is going to be held in Washington DC.

Posted by: Wayne Forgesson | 17 July 2009

Tags: Worldwide Partner Conference, Surface

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