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Final day of WPC09

Last day of WPC09 and while it has been a fantastic event, I must say that five days (and nights) is a long time. I am certainly looking forward to heading home.

The convention centre is 1.2 miles long and while we aren’t using it all, walking from one end to the other takes 10-15 minutes and there have been some days when I’ve done this about six or eight times. I just wish I had brought a pedometer with me because there would have been lots of steps. Today was the regional keynotes (APAC), connect meetings, a final lap of the exhibition area and some sessions. All followed up by the Jazz Fest and a final night in the French Quarter.

The regional keynote included a panel discussion with two kiwi companies represented. The discussions continued to highlight that differing views on Cloud/Online offerings from Microsoft. There are a number of current Microsoft partners that don’t believe that it offers anything to them despite it allowing them to cover the broad spectrum from on-premise to “the cloud” which is a clear differentiator to some of the other offerings.

There were then several sessions on Microsoft and the web in the afternoon. These were interesting in that Microsoft is now supporting PHP and MySQL based solutions on Windows Server 2008. There was also an IDC update where it was one of the few times I’ve seen an analyst admit that his previous predictions were wrong. Some interesting takeouts for me from that session were a growth in people buying “good enough” rather than “best of breed.”

The last session at WPC09 for me was a show and tell/panel discussion of some real world applications from partners who did the work. A good chance to see the end use of products. One was a real estate company application that reminded me a little of something we tried to do about ten years ago but the technology wasn’t up to it, while the second was a fitness centre registration/portal. Nice uses of aspects such as Surface, BING Maps, Facebook integration, and good use of design. According to one of the designers, when designing for Surface “less is best” which makes sense when you start playing with one.

All in all a great WPC with lots of messages, updates, interaction and several pages of action items for when I get back to New Zealand. Roll on a few hours of jazz then the final evening in the Quarter.

Posted by: Wayne Forgesson | 21 July 2009

Tags: Worldwide Partner Conference

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