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Postcards from the Microsoft WPC09

Postcard #1 from Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference 2009

#WPC09 is underway. The first leg of travel is under my belt and now it’s back-to-back meetings, keynotes, networking, networking and some more networking. In any given year WPC is a must-attend event. So in a year as significant as this one, it’s going to be action packed.

There’s Windows 7, Services Ready, Office 2010, Azure, BPOS, Windows Mobile and many other announcements and updates – a very busy time for Microsoft. And then there’s catching up with existing and potential partners and making sure I get to see a bit of New Orleans in amongst everything else that is going on.

If the bar next to my hotel is anything to go by (loud until 5am this morning), New Orleans is still a party city.

Today I attended the Enterprise Partner Forum in the morning and this afternoon I took part in the Day of Giving, with a number of partners signing up to help with various projects to help rebuild New Orleans. An introduction video on the bus was very sobering, reinforced by the number of houses still in a state of shambles and boarded up four years after the event. I was involved with landscaping at an elementary school, digging holes and planting trees in 32 degree heat! A great crew from all over the world rolled up their sleeves and pitched in, and we achieved about twice what was expected of us.

I’ll check in with some irregular updates over the coming days, in a “postcards from the front” fashion. I can’t guarantee the quality of them, though, as the exhaustion starts to set in!

Posted by: Wayne Forgesson | 13 July 2009

Tags: Office 2010, Windows 7, Worldwide Partner Conference, BPOS, Azure, Services Ready, Windows Mobile

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