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Intergen takes on the world again – Signal goes global

Following on from several previous successful forays into the design, development and release of software solutions, Intergen is finalising its latest offering: Signal

A social media monitoring tool specifically design for the law enforcement, public safety and emergency management sectors, Signal was originally developed for the New Zealand Police to address their requirements around the Rugby World Cup.

Seeing the benefit that Signal offered New Zealand Police led Intergen to the commercialisation and release of Signal for a wider audience. Since being readied for the wider market in late 2013, there have been a number of New Zealand and Australian based organisations that have signed up to the Signal software as a service model.

With active clients and a strong level of interest from the market, Signal is making good traction within the marketplace. Having been used to help monitor activities around events such as the Rugby World Cup, London Olympics, Boston Marathon bombing and Sochi Olympics, Signal is helping agencies keep a close eye on activities. Through the use of Signal there have been several instances of positive ‘hits’ that have helped with associated activities. Some examples include:

“Marine Parade under 2/3 ft water. Firefighters pumping out. High tide now. Sea washing up The Brook. Time to stack up flood boards again!”

“Armed police called to Palmers College, Grays – unconfirmed reports”

“Standstill #traffic on the #A2. 2 ambulances, 2 fire brigade trucks and 2 police cars. Must be serious”

“I think I’ve just witnessed a hit and run”

The next stages for Signal are spreading the word wider, specifically in the United States and United Kingdom markets. Already there is interest in both of these markets, with initial sales expected soon.

I had the privilege of undertaking a fact-finding mission to the United States recently that involved several key activities including attending the Sheriffs’ Association mid-winter conference and participating in the Gasperilla parade in Tampa, Florida. Hosted by NZTE in Washington (where mid-winter truly is mid-winter!) I was able to meet several sheriffs and compare notes with a number of members of the Security Technology Alliance.

Both of these activities highlighted both an awareness of and need for Signal’s social media monitoring capability. Being hosted by the Tampa Police Department and taking an active part in the Gasperilla parade was certainly an eye opener and trip highlight. Mixing with 20 police chiefs from round the US also provided me with an ideal opportunity to socialise Signal and gauge the levels of active interest (lots!) in what it has to offer. It’s not every day that a kiwi gets to be at the front of a historic parade in front of 350,000 people.

Overall the trip was a success and proof that we have a good solution for a market that needs what we can offer. The next stage is to officially release Signal to the US market and turn that interest into a successful business.

Now set up as a separate company (owned by Intergen), the plans are to launch Signal into the key overseas markets working alongside local resellers. We are working with the NZTE team who have provided valuable insight and assistance so far. We have a compelling solution that offers key functionality for the sector with a strong roadmap for the future. This will hopefully result in continued success and Intergen once again achieving its Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG), that “Everyone, every day is touched positively by the things we do”.

Posted by: Wayne Forgesson | 10 February 2014

Tags: Signal, Public Safety and Emergency Management

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