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Using Data Analytics to help decision making at Hawkins

Dealing with manual and time-consuming reporting? Struggling to make decisions due to inaccurate and outdated data? No time for proper in-depth data analysis? Did you find yourself nodding to all these questions? Well, read on because we’ve got a solution for you.

Hawkins were finding all of the above relevant in their business when they approached Intergen to help them find a solution. After speaking with Intergen about Business Intelligence (BI) and implementing it into their business they now have real-time reporting of seven key performance areas of the business:

  • Communication
  • Financials
  • Health & Safety
  • Risks & Opportunities
  • Project Programme
  • Quality
  • Regional

I had a great time on this project. We were able to engage closely with Hawkins, working together at our site or at theirs, to ensure the solution met their needs from end to end. Together, we implemented a full spectrum solution that means their users no longer have to spend weeks of effort to get their month-end reports, allows users to pinpoint and escalate issues with a few mouse clicks, and provides users a “single version of the truth”. A solution that has truly transformed the way Hawkins does their reporting and also enabled their users to feel they have better use of their time, which was a big goal for the Senior Leadership team.

In the construction industry, accurate and up-to-date information is essential when managing the risks associated with large-scale projects. The reporting platform was designed to fully automate data extraction from a number of systems and user-loaded files to a single location, then apply the defined business rules to a data model where a set of standard Power BI and SQL Server Reporting Services reports are used. Project and Regional managers no longer have to worry about inaccurate data and time-consuming reports; they can get a clear view of how their projects are performing on site in real time from anywhere at any time.

With every passing sprint, we not only witnessed the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) grow bigger and better but grew closer and stronger as a team. Many hours of discussions were had and many whiteboard diagrams were scribbled until we crossed the finish line with the trophy in our hands. 

The biggest business values from the solution include:

  • Improvement in reporting timing - multiple data refreshes daily when previously there were weeks of delay
  • Accessibility of reports, from any device, to a wider range of business users
  • Single version of the truth – standardised business rules and calculations
  • Issues in the field immediately drawn to management attention
  • Reactive response with limited results shifting towards proactive interventions
  • Access to actionable information, contributing to a more competitive and sustainable company
  • Users accessibility to data only relevant to them
  • Data validation for files uploaded by users
  • Internal support dashboards for the entire reporting platform to track data movement processes
  • Interactive reports for project analysis
  • Printable and editable reports for detailed reporting

Well, there you have it. A solution that has made reporting less tedious and more efficient.

Posted by: Zara Baker, Consultant | 14 August 2017

Tags: Power BI, Data Intelligence, Digital Transformation, Less Busyness More Business, Data Analytics

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