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New Microsoft Intune capabilities have arrived

Enterprise Mobility Management just got better – and easier – with Microsoft’s latest Intune updates.

Last week Microsoft rolled out a service update for Microsoft Intune that introduces several new capabilities, including:

  • Enhanced user interface for the Intune administration console
  • Ability to restrict access to Exchange on-premises email based upon device enrolment
  • Bulk enrolment of devices using a single service account
  • Lockdown of supervised iOS devices and devices using Samsung KNOX with Kiosk mode
  • Targeting of policies and apps by device groups
  • Ability to report on and allow or block a specific set of applications
  • Enforcement of application install or uninstall
  • Deployment of certificates, email, VPN and WiFi profiles
  • Ability to push free store apps to iOS devices
  • Ability to restrict administrator access to a specific set of user and device groups
  • Updated Company Portal apps to support customisable terms and conditions

That’s a whole lot of new capabilities, but what does this mean for you, our customer? 

 First and foremost, it means greater functionality from the Microsoft’s Intune cloud service. Previously these new features were only achievable via a hybrid model with Configuration Manager 2012 R2 and Microsoft Intune. Features such as bulk device enrolment, application enforcement and resource profiles (VPN, email, certificates and WiFi), were high on the want list from our customers using the cloud-only service, and now they’re here and freely available within Intune. 

We’re really excited about the functionality this offers our customers, and the functionality that is still coming, including – over the next few months – deep integration across Office 2013 and with Office 365. To find out more about what Microsoft’s recent announcements mean for the future of Enterprise Mobility, and – more importantly – your organisation, Brad Anderson gives a really good run-down here and here.

 If you’d like to know more about how Enterprise Mobility Management can help your business, we’re more than happy to demonstrate the benefits as they apply to your organisation’s specific needs.

Posted by: Craig Brock, Principal Consultant, Cloud Design and Integration | 03 December 2014

Tags: Mobile, mobility, Enterprise Mobility

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