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Process Origami Unlocks Business Productivity


Have you ever tried origami? That simple bird that is supposedly so easy to create with mere paper folds and patterns? If you are like me, it’s a lot harder than it looks! Likewise, have you ever tried to automate and digitise your business processes? Like with origami, the experts tend to make it look a whole lot easier than it actually is! Whether it is building paper birds or reimagining a business process, it’s not long till I start to hit a wall where my time, patience and skills are lacking!

So what has changed?

  • Firstly, we in recent months we have experienced a new way of working, predominantly from home and distant from one another. This has suddenly imposed new challenges on us, particularly with our more proximity-based processes, and highlighted the processes we didn’t even know about where we normally physically walk the ‘workflow’ around the office.
  • Secondly, a spotlight has be put on technology and the importance of its role in an organisation’s productivity. Cloud-based technology, managed as a service, rapid to deploy and requires low-to-no-code to get new digitised processes up and running has become an imminent need, not just a ‘nice to have.’

So, what is available to help me?

The Microsoft Power Platform now provides a set of intelligent capability that allows you to configure new apps, workflows, unlock insights, deploy virtual agents (BoTs) and automate manual repeatable processes through robotic process automation. 

The toolset is super flexible, and to understand how it can help you – it is really only limited by your need and creativity. As a prompt, think about making these sorts of improvements:

  • Digitising a physical paper-based process
  • Removing human-enabled workflow, be it the physical movement between people in a process (walking the floor), or where manual intervention is required to trigger and drive next steps on processes that just need to be faster
  • Retiring disparate forms in Excel or Word that capture information or drive upstream business processes and tasks
  • Eliminating inefficient ‘swivel chair’ integration with lost productivity as people re-key information from one system into another system, driving delays and potential for human error

If you are reading this and feeling overwhelmed, don’t be disheartened. It is quite normal that each of these improvement opportunities have a current state where you just don’t know where anything is, because these processes tend to take a life of their own with no tracking and visibility.

This is all about addressing those niggly process you have always wanted to fix! However, between your team’s availability, ICT’s process improvement budgets, and where these opportunities sit on a priority list, it can often feel like you are stuck in time with business processes that remind you of a Ricky Gervais scene from The Office!

So, what will it take to Streamline and achieve the efficiency and productivity gains you’re looking for?

Well if you believe what’s on the ‘tin’, then the Power Platform is for citizen developers, or application makers as they are sometime called… So, anyone can do it, right? Just like origami, there is a big difference between the capability of a rookie with their best effort bird that ended up as a paper dart and an expert with a beautifully crafted origami animal. 

Becoming expert is hard and takes time, especially with all the things you are doing to manage your business in a rapidly changing world. In order to unlock the immense value that can be quickly realised through the Power Platform, what is needed here is someone to guide you, so you can learn together, as we work together, to craft your own amazing origami process improvement outcomes. This will allow your team to learn in a hands-on manner and to solve pain points quickly.

To get you started, we have introduced our Power Platform Streamline Series. These engagements will help you to quickly ideate, deliver, deploy and ensure adoption occurs, because that’s when your benefits are truly realised on the Power Platform:

  • Start with Streamline Envision – Our tailored approach introduces Power Platform capability and helps you understand the process improvement it offers. Upfront, we will work with you to discover the art of the possible, before moving into an ideation stage to identify key opportunities that are relevant to you.
  • Deliver with Streamline Onboard – Our short, effective approach to improving processes for you, or with you. This is a great opportunity if you want to build your own in-house capability or simply outsource the build to us.   
  • Drive success with Streamline Realise – We will  help you ensure that your solution’s foundation is based on good governance and design patterns, so benefits can be realised with a level of quality assurance and that you have a clear roll out and adoption strategy into the future.

Origami Flow

Unlock business productivity – fast – across any aspect of your organisation with Streamline: Envision, Onboard and Realise with Microsoft Power Platform.

Posted by: Steven de Longchamps, Solution Specialist, Business Applications | 28 August 2020

Tags: #MicrosoftPowerPlatform, #powerappsportal, #powerautomate, #PowerPlatform, #StreamlineEnvision, #StreamlineRealise, #StreamlineOnboard #PowerApps

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