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An Overview of Update Rollup 5 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

With the release of Update Rollup 5 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 last week, I have summarised the improvements that you can expect if you are using CRM online or have deployed the rollout to your on-premise environment.

Before I provide any details, you should always consider this: With any rollout please test in your development or test environment prior to any production release to ensure that it does not impact your current configuration.

New Features

  • Chart Designer Enhancements
    • Multi-series charts (limit of 5 series)
    • Multiple category charts (limit of 1 series and 2 categories)
    • New chart types e.g. Area charts
    • Ability to create stacked charts (relative proportions of closely related items)

CRM chart designer enhancements

CRM chart designer enhancements

  • Dialogs & Workflow Enhancements
    • Lookup capability for any entity utilising a customisable lookup dialog box 
    • Date field types (i.e. Date only and Date and time)
    • Options sets can be displayed as radio buttons rather than just lists

CRM dialogs and workflow enhancements  

  • Data retention when moving back within a dialog is maintained and warning messages are presented if a changed value impacts a later value
  • Dynamic record hyperlinks for Workflows & Dialogs ensure all entities now include a Dynamic URL field that can be inserted into emails using the Insert Hyperlink option

CRM dialogs and workflow enhancements


  • Enhanced Data Management
    • Audit User Access via web and web services
  • CRM - audit user access via web and web services 
  • Ignore blank values in duplicate detection
  • Exclude inactive records in duplicate detection


  • CRM Outlook Client Enhancements
    • Reading panel improvements to include hyperlinks to CRM records, compose e-mail and Lync presence
  •  CRM Outlook client enhancements
  • Reading panel can includes sub grids and notes, with clickable records, again increasing productivity and reducing clicks. See the example below for how this looks: 

CRM Outlook client enhancements - reading panel reducing clicks

  • Clicking the email in the reading panel opens a new email record with the tracking and regarding  pre-set

CRM Outlook client enhancements  

  • Performance Enhancements to E-mail Tracking. Email activity creation will be performed after the email has been sent (this will remove the delay some users saw when sending emails from the Microsoft Outlook client.


  • Activity Feeds
    • Enable a user to follow important activities related to people, accounts, contacts, leads, sales deals (opportunities) and more 

Activity feeds - people, accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities and more.

  • Activity Feed App provided for Windows Phone (Mango 7.5)
  • The solution can be download from the Dynamics Marketplace

o	Activity Feed App provided for Windows Mobile (Mango 7.5)

Some great links to more information:

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Posted by: Steven Foster, Client Director | 03 November 2011

Tags: CRM, Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

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