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Building citizen trust

Transforming government services
in the digital age

Building citizen trust

Trust is the foundation of citizen engagement. 

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How do you gain the trust of your constituents? What does it take to maintain this trust? Three words: secure digital services. In this eBook, we explore best practices and opportunities for government agencies when it comes to building citizen engagement and trust. 

Read the eBook to discover: 

  • What great citizen experiences have in common 
  • The risks of delivering sub-standard digital services 
  • The role of security in gaining citizens’ trust 
  • How the right technology partner can put you on a path to success

Expert advice on public sector from Mark Sydney

In this enlightening interview, through the benefit of Mark’s experience, we learned how governments can support, build trust, engagement, and relevancy to citizens both now and in the future.

Creating better citizen experiences

Gaining and maintaining citizen trust is a top priority across all levels of government. After all, without the backing of their people, even strong governments can flounder.  

Digital maturity – or lack thereof – is a key factor getting in the way of trust today. Many public sector organisations still struggle with outdated or legacy systems that don’t deliver on citizens’ expectations. Read more about this in our eBook.

The good news? Citizen trust in government hit an all-time high in 2020. Today, public sector organisations have a great opportunity to build upon this positive momentum by embracing modern technologies and delivering delightful, useful and secure digital services to citizens.  


of New Zealanders trusted government in 2020i 

How to implement the CERT NZ's critical controls

A guide for government organisations 

Need to know how to implement the CERT NZ's critical controlsHere are our top tips for moving through the maturity model and enhancing your cybersecurity posture. 

When four became one 

A huge transformation in an amalgamation 

When the Western Australian Government had to bring four agencies under the one roof, many IT systems and digital identities had to be integrated. Discover how Empired helped bring it all together without disrupting day-to-day work.  

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