It's time to reimagine the way we work

The Covid-19 pandemic is fundamentally changing our lives and shifting the way companies do business. Organisations are being forced to make rapid decisions on how best to secure their business, enable their people, and maintain engagement with customers.

Technology has already played a pivotal role in helping us meet today's challenges. It will undoubtably play a role in addressing tomorrow’s.

Our experts share their insights on what businesses need today, across the following three areas:

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Webinar: Taming the Feral Teams

Taming the Feral Teams

Join us and Anthony Martino, IT Operations Manager at flybuys (Australia), for our webinar "Taming the Feral Teams" where we'll explore common pain points and problems arising from the explosive growth of remote working and communications tools and potential solutions to those problems. We will hear how flybuys (Australia) is balancing user empowerment with effective governance and management, looking at practical approaches available to all customers, to continue realising the benefits of flexible working in a secure, streamlined and controlled manner.

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Helping you navigate today and tomorrow with unique strategies to reimagine your workplace.
Every organisation has been impacted through recent events. Work today feels very different than it did just a few months ago. To make sense of where technology plays a role in Reimagining Work, we need to put plans in place that ensures the safe connectivity of people to your business. 
At Intergen, we have helped customers through their business continuity approaches, and continue to share many of these learnings on our #ReimagineWork site. 
Our Ask Intergen Anything service connects you directly to our most senior digital advisors and architects who will endeavour to help answer your questions.

Updates from the Intergen team

Intergen has a focused Response Team in place, backed by a sound Business Continuity Plan. This plan continues to evolve as the current situation changes.

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