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People are a cornerstone of a company’s success. Without their passion, inspiration and ingenuity companies simply would not exist. 

Today we find our people physically distanced and needing to connect through technology. Unfortunately, remote working practices are typically designed to accommodate less than 5% of the workforce.

Organisations have found ways to enable their people to connect remotely to business systems, processes and infrastructure. Some are doing well, keeping their people connected, confident and enabled. Most are not.

Enable Your People is about how to create an environment where your most prized assets, your people, can continue to thrive.

Upcoming webinar

Webinar: Taming the Feral Teams

Taming the Feral Teams

Join us and Anthony Martino, IT Operations Manager at flybuys (Australia), for our webinar "Taming the Feral Teams" where we'll explore common pain points and problems arising from the explosive growth of remote working and communications tools and potential solutions to those problems. We will hear how flybuys (Australia) is balancing user empowerment with effective governance and management, looking at practical approaches available to all customers, to continue realising the benefits of flexible working in a secure, streamlined and controlled manner.

Webinar recordings

Working Remotely with Microsoft Technologies

Keeping with the #ReimagineWork theme, we ran the "Working Remotely with Microsoft Technologies" webinar - conducted with Microsoft Teams live event - where we discussed covering remote working with Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktop and communication with Microsoft Teams.

Watch the recording (and download the slides) to see how you can use Microsoft Azure technology to create and deploy Windows desktop images that run on the cloud, accessible from web browsers, Windows and MacOS clients as well as Android and iOS apps, giving your employees access to the same tools they would normally have through your physical desktop deployments.


Welcome to the new weird

Welcome to the new weird

What we are all going through isn’t normal; it isn’t even the new normal yet. It’s the new weird. It’s like the strange orange light that Australia and even New Zealand recently experienced due to the major forest fires. The objects are the same but cast in a strange new light.

Our Guide to Working Remotely – an ever-evolving tool to support our people

Our Guide to Working Remotely – an ever-evolving tool to support our people

Over the past few months, our People Experience team has worked closely with our people and leaders to create a guide to help us to work from home, stay healthy, engaged and supported. While this guide was created as an internal document, we wanted to share it with you here. We hope there is something in there that you find helpful for your organisation and your people.

Our Guide to Working Remotely – an ever-evolving tool to support our people

Working remotely: the human view

Working remotely: the human view

In these incredibly challenging times we need to look after each other and make sure that we remain connected; not just technically but emotionally. Here are six tips on how to make things easier for your team.

Teams rapid enablement: moving to a single source of truth

Teams rapid enablement: moving to a single source of truth

Continuing from "Things you can do right now to enable remote working", this blog explores the the importance of having a single source of truth, enabling business process and managing change in more detail and explain how these are related to business problems you may be experiencing today and offer some ideas as to what you could do to about them.

Things you can do right now to enable remote working

Things you can do right now to enable remote working

The impact of COVID-19 is causing many organisations to consider how to work remotely. In this blog, we offer advice and practical, rapid assistance to help enable your organisation to maintain business continuity, productivity and connectivity, wherever you and your teams may be.


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Rapid Enablement

The increasing rate of COVID-19 cases means that customers are having to work quickly to plan how to enable people to work remotely while ensuring the communication and collaboration required for workplace productivity.

The Teams Rapid Enablement allows base collaboration within Microsoft Teams for Microsoft Office 365 customers within five days.

Download the Microsoft Teams Rapid Enablement datasheet now.

Whitepapers and eBooks

A Guide to Working Remotely

A Guide to Working Remotely

Remote working is not just about getting connected as people still want to contribute and feel valued.

This guide was created for internal use by our People Experience Team to help our own people remain healthy, engaged and supported.

Feel free to use elements of this guide to supplement your team’s wellbeing.

Empower your employees and create a more productive workplace

Empower your employees and create a more productive workplace

Effective collaboration is the key to the success of modern organisations dealing with the accelerating pace of change and an increasingly complicated business environment. But embracing true collaboration requires the right cultural mindset and fit-for-purpose technology.

There is no point introducing new collaboration tools to allow your employees to work where and how they want, if the organisation’s rules remain as rigid as ever.

In this whitepaper we look at the forces driving change in the modern workplace and the journey you can go on to a more collaborative, flexible and secure environment for doing business.

Five key tools that will make your workplace truly modern

Five key tools that will make your workplace truly modern

Demographic, economic and technological changes are transforming the modern workplace. More than ever before, the key to success in business lies in effective collaboration within your organisation and with external partners.

The tools and platforms are now here to allow you to more effectively connect, communicate and collaborate.

But what is the right technology mix for your organisation? How do you smooth the path of adoption of these tools for your employees? Most importantly, how do you create a culture that fosters collaboration, allows flexibility while keeping security front of mind?

Empower your employees and create a more productive workplace. We’ve assembled practical tips and tools and drawn on the experience of our Modern Workplace experts and our own customers to give you insights that will help guide you on your journey to the Modern Workplace.

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Helping you navigate today and tomorrow with unique strategies to reimagine your workplace.
Every organisation has been impacted through recent events. Work today feels very different than it did just a few months ago. To make sense of where technology plays a role in Reimagining Work, we need to put plans in place that ensures the safe connectivity of people to your business. 
At Intergen, we have helped customers through their business continuity approaches, and continue to share many of these learnings on our #ReimagineWork site. 
Our Ask Intergen Anything service connects you directly to our most senior digital advisors and architects who will endeavour to help answer your questions.

External resources to help you #ReimagineWork

Microsoft has put together an extremely helpful resource page with more information on how technology can help your organisation with remote working, education and family, community support and more.

Microsoft has also made available an identity and security model self-assessment tool that will help you determine your organisation's maturity level and suggest specific actions for each different areas - including identities, devices, applications, infrastructure, data and network. Click here and take the identity and security self-assessment now.

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