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Competenz needed an efficient modern portal with an integrated front-end to manage many menu options and users - all from a single sign-on

Project Snapshot


Auckland New Zealand

Education & Research

Project Challenges

Disparate web apps managing various tasks - a jigsaw of legacy components trying to manage complex interwoven information.

The Solution

Developed a single portal where users register by invitation. Secure links to various sites with managed access.


Technology is user friendly, and allows users to login via multiple providers. Information easily accessed. Provided a robust solution with a dedicated website for managing users giving greater security.

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The technology

Intergen developed a single portal where users register by invitation. Once logged in, users can see links to the various sites and applications that either SmartTMS – an Industry Training Organisation trainee and CRM solution – or administrators have given them access to.

What each user has access to is determined largely by whether they are an administrator, tradesperson, assessor or trainee. In every case, a wealth of information is now easily accessible: trainees, for example, can view their personal details, courses they are enrolled in, qualifications achieved to date, training plans, course qualifications, training plan unit standards, and incomplete unit standards.

The business value

Competenz can now do much more with their administration console:

  • Mass updates
  • Updating specific targeted groups
  • Editing learners’ information
  • Numeracy and literacy tests – providing and assessing
  • PDF Reports
  • Trainees can log in and see their personal records

Other valuable information that is now more accessible include:

  • Company details
  • Employees with no assessments completed in the last 90 days
  • Employees past their expected training end date
  • Employees who should be within 90 days of their training end date
  • Employees in training

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