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CCI was looking for an up-to-date digital portal for its Workers Compensation product. To compete with competitors, it needed to transform to a digital model and establish an online presence.

Project Snapshot


Melbourne, Australia

Financial Services & Insurance

Project Challenges

Existing solution was clunky and offered ineffective user experience. CCI risked losing important clients unless a modern, speedy and responsive solution was offered.

The Solution

Built and delivered a portal based on future-proof technology enabling maturity of existing data warehouse, solving complex identity issues and embedding business analytics into processes.


Better reporting and risk management. Easy to use portal for clients with dashboards for immediate information. Customers benefit from speedy and easier processes.

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Catholic Church Insurance (CCI) putting superior user experience at the heart of transformation

Catholic Church Insurance (CCI) has provided insurance and workers compensation for more than 100 years, making it one of the oldest insurance companies in Australia. It puts church interests before company profits and develops specialist products and services that meet the needs of the church to control insurance costs and retain any surplus within the church. CCI operates under not-for-profit principles and returns profits to its clients by way of dividends, distributions, and grants. 

Expansion plans created transformation needs

Expansion plans created transformation needs 

CCI was looking to attract new clients outside the Catholic church. As part of this, CCI realised that it would need to transform its organisation to digitalise manual processes and deliver an online presence to its clients. The business is in the third year of a five-year plan to completely transform its systems and processes to help it attract a new demographic of client. 

One of CCI’s most important products is workers’ compensation, especially in New South Wales. With most of its larger competitors offering a portal experience to manage workers’ compensation claims, CCI knew it had to follow suit. While it had a solution in place, it offered a clunky, ineffective user experience and was rarely used by clients. Consequently, CCI identified a risk of important clients defecting to other providers who could provide a better user experience. 

CCI needed to address this risk and position itself as a provider of choice, offering smart solutions to help manage workers’ compensation claims. 

Trevor Walter, Manager, Corporate Services and Enterprise Architecture, Catholic Church Insurance, said, “Customers were familiar with more traditional technologies once used. However, in a digital era and with many of CCI’s customers now fitting into a much younger demographic, there is an increased need for speed and responsiveness. CCI has therefore invested in transforming its technology and developing a user-friendly workers’ compensation portal needed to be a key part of that program of work.” 


Strategic partnering delivers a successful project

CCI had worked with Empired on previous projects so the team contacted Empired to discuss developing a workers’ compensation portal. As an existing Microsoft customer, CCI saw value in building a solution based on the Microsoft stack and knew that Empired could deliver. 

Trevor said, “Too many vendors creates a complex environment that’s hard to manage and doesn’t deliver efficiencies. Partnering with Empired was therefore a strategic choice as it helped CCI leverage new and existing investments in Microsoft technology.” 

In building the portal, Empired and CCI created strong building blocks for future projects. By using reusable technology, the team was able to mature the existing data warehouse, solve complex issues around identity management, and embed business analytics into processes. 

“The solution involved a lot of moving parts and Empired was able to deliver a streamlined, slick solution that outstripped anything CCI’s competition was doing,” Trevor said. 

“Clients gain strong business benefits from the portal because it lets them see how they’re tracking in terms of managing their risk and keeping claims to a minimum. They can use that information to negotiate lower premiums but, more importantly, they can use it to take more control over their own performance.”

— Trevor Walter, Manager, Corporate Services and Enterprise Architecture, Catholic Church Insurance

Portal offers better reporting and risk management


Clients now have a portal they can log into to immediately see their claims data. Each Catholic Archdiocese may underwrite hundreds of schools or aged care facilities, for example, which means managers need a holistic view across all of these organisations. 

The solution lets users see claims reporting dashboards that deliver information around parameters such as common injuries, trends, and risk factors. They can drill down to see whether certain types of injuries are more likely based on gender or 
age group. 

Trevor said, “In the past, each client had a different reporting requirement and, often, wanted data dumps so they could export it into Excel and do their own graphs and charting. Because they wanted to use the data in different ways, it wasn’t possible for CCI to create a single type of report and replicate it quickly. Instead, the CCI team would receive ad hoc requests for reports, then manually generate those reports and send them back. It was very time consuming for CCI and could take weeks to get something back to the client. 

“Furthermore, the previous system struggled to deliver accurate data because there was no validation or quality assurance. It was important to deliver accurate, comprehensive data to clients quickly and smoothly.” 

The new solution, based on a combination of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Power BI, Sitecore, RealSoft, and more, solves these issues.


Clients can self-serve to get the reports they want via the portal in seconds rather than weeks. The data is validated so clients can be confident that they’re using accurate information to make decisions. 

CCI began by piloting the solution to 30 clients and, based on excellent feedback, expanded to 61 clients before planning to roll the solution out to the entire client base. 

Trevor said, “The feedback has been great and it’s so fast to build reports that it’s no problem when clients request a new one. Some have said they’ve never seen a portal as good as this one even at the larger insurance companies. 

“Clients gain strong business benefits from the portal because it lets them see how they’re tracking in terms of managing their risk and keeping claims to a minimum. They can use that information to negotiate lower premiums but, more importantly, they can use it to take more control over their own performance.” 

Using Power BI has delivered strong analytics capabilities that provide insights to let clients make better decisions regarding risk management. 

What’s more, the solution has made life easier for CCI’s customers who no longer have to undertake lengthy and inconvenient processes to maintain their cover. 

Working with Empired

The key to the success of this project was creating a team with the right mix of people
and skills.

Trevor said, “Too often, vendors either don’t listen to the customer or else they just agree with whatever the customer asks for. This rarely makes for a successful project. Empired will challenge assumptions and provide advice, which was important to this relationship. CCI needed a strategic partner, not an order taker, and Empired fit the bill, providing lots of advice around future-proofing the solution and understanding which direction to take.