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cloud-based reliability 


ChristchurchNZ needed a cloud-based solution for disaster recovery purposes and to ensure business continuity in the event of a major event.

Project Snapshot


Christchurch, New Zealand

Public Sector

Project Challenges

Processes were not automated and better support was needed for the financial management system. Guaranteed uptime was required as was improved financial analysis and accounting.

The Solution

Implemented Business Central - cloud-based financials. Provided consultancy and advice around functionality. Created and deployed solutions extensions in just two days.


Security and reliability from a cloud-based solution. Gained more control through the automation of financial business processes. User-friendly, flexible and well-supported systems.

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Cloud-based solution required for business continuity

With a clear, simple goal in mind, ChristchurchNZ engaged Intergen to help it determine the right solution for the business moving forward. The project was finance-led instead of technology-led, which meant Intergen was working directly with the solution’s end users from the start.

Intergen recommended Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which is Microsoft’s first cloud-based financials solution aimed at small and medium businesses.

ChristchurchNZ therefore became the first organisation in New Zealand to implement Business Central.

Being a cloud-based solution also meant that Business Central would be relatively easy to implement. Deployment is based on a wizard-like process with very little development required. Intergen added significant value in its business consulting and advice around the functionality within Business Central that the business needed to deploy.

Martin Brice said, “Intergen had a small window for the implementation and the entire project was completed within three or four weeks. ChristchurchNZ was live in the new system at the beginning of October, which was good timing for us."

“The process was very straightforward and used the same architecture as our previous system, so it was a matter of extracting the data from the old system and loading it into Business Central. The hardest part was checking that the data was correct.”

Business Central is different to previous Microsoft financial solutions such as Dynamics NAV because its core remains stable and unchanged by customisations. To build enhancements, partners such as Intergen create them locally and layer them on top of the core architecture. This means they’re unaffected by upgrades, which are rolled out automatically by Microsoft.

Using this new approach, Intergen was able to create and deploy extensions in two days, proving that the implementation of even a very complex solution wouldn’t need to be lengthy or painful. Using the team’s extensive experience in financial management and accounting, Intergen was able to recommend improvements and different processes that would help streamline Christchurch NZ’s operations without requiring bulky, burdensome customisations.

“As the business has grown, it has been essential to gain more control over its finances. Previously, the business was small enough that every finance person knew where every dollar was. But now ChristchurchNZ is at a stage where the activity is too big for one person to manage so having controls in place is essential.”

— Martin Bryce, Business Systems Manager, ChristchurchNZ

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