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Te Wānanga o Raukawa needed to update its IT solutions and platforms to enable online enrolment and better learning capabilities for Māori students all over New Zealand.

Project Snapshot

Te Wānanga o Raukawa

Wellington, New Zealand

Education & Research

Project Challenges

Heavy course loads, students located all over New Zealand, old IT systems and multiple disparate platforms.

The Solution

Provided essential cloud-based supporting pillars, designed and constructed digital solutions with Microsoft platforms and services as the foundation.


Easy online enrolment, enhanced online learning from anywhere in NZ. Improved and secure collaboration and communication. Ability for 24/7 access to support students.


Te Wānanga o Raukawa

A vision for space, place, time and pace

That meant making another giant leap – into the world of business intelligence and the truly modern workplace. IT systems at Te Wānanga o Raukawa hadn’t been significantly updated for more than 20 years, and its multiple platforms were not integrated with each other, making useful reporting an impossibility. That meant a simple update wasn’t going to work. Change had to be built from the ground up. 

As Raureti says: “We found we could not do the best job we wanted to do because our internal systems were weak. We had many sources of truth, different databases spread across the organisation, didn’t have visibility to track students; there were too many gaps through systems not talking. We had systems that suited us and were designed for administration and
not students.”

Telephony and email were the main tools for communication which meant that if the network went down, business stopped. Furthermore, relying on emails meant a student’s communication wasn’t visible to the wider Wānanga team. Documents and data were not accessible to the entire campus, resulting in multiple copies of the same material being stored within the TWoR network. 

TWoR understood that the future success of its students and the ability to provide an accessible education to them required a 

"Our world has changed."

— Oriwia Raureti, Pou Whakahaere, Te Wānanga o Raukawa

Building a digital whare

The brand-new student space, learning centre and library at TWoR’s central Ōtaki campus, Te Ara ā Tāwhaki, provided Raureti with the inspiration to treat the Wānanga’s digital transformation as a digital whare. This helped create the right foundations and treated each of the different things they were trying to achieve as part of a whole structure. 

“One morning as I thought about our recently constructed masterpiece Te Ara ā Tāwhaki, I thought about how each piece was dependent on another to become the cohesive, usable, high quality, high tech whare. 

It was at that time we decided to build our workplace whare. Find the right partner, who in this case came to be Intergen, and bring our collective strengths together. We had a clear and sound case to move. It needed us to be visionary, bold, and creative, focused on success and underpinned by our guiding values.” 

This is where Microsoft solutions partner Intergen came on board to provide essential supporting pillars for the whare, helping design and construct the digital solutions, with Microsoft platforms and services as the foundation. 

Says Intergen Client Director Tristan Faint: “It was clear to us from day one that Te Wānanga o Raukawa had an incredibly strong vision and clear path to support better outcomes for their students. Our role was to help architect and build that reality by implementing technology solutions that were easy to use, supported staff working anywhere, anytime and which ultimately helped students succeed by breaking down the barriers
to learning.”

The central pillar was a robust, cloud-based platform, supported by new policies, upgraded software and an operational data store created in Microsoft Azure to enable integration across the various applications. If the network goes down, any communications can be retrieved through mobile devices, making for true business continuity 
and resilience. 

A new staff portal was another key pillar. Azure Single Sign-On replaced multiple usernames and passwords. Thanks to Azure InTune device management, staff have secure access to the Staff Portal on any device, enabling them to work more flexibly. Implementing Microsoft 365, One Drive and SharePoint centralised all the content into one easily accessed information hub, enabling co-authoring of documents and making information easy to find. 

Change management was another important element, to help bed in the new structure. Recognising the importance of bringing its people along on the transformation journey, TWoR’s leaders created digital avatars based on the four avatars used in the institution’s te reo Māori language course. Staff formed relationships with their virtual friends that communicated important information and supported them throughout the transformation. 

Morale has also received a real boost from the introduction of internal networking tool Yammer and Microsoft Teams organisation-wide, which has eliminated much of the email traffic and provides real visibility and collaboration across
the organisation.

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