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Toyota NZ has changed the way New Zealanders buy cars, allowing the customer to do the research how and when they they want to.

Project Snapshot

Toyota NZ

Wellington, New Zealand

Other Sectors

Project Challenges

Website was not allowing customers to research and buy the way they wanted to.

The Solution

Supported the long-term vision, developed the Epi website with 'build your own' tools to let the customer customise as they researched.


Improved and seamless customer experience. Simple and intuitive interface, improved customer satisfaction.


Reimagining Toyota's customer experience

Toyota NZ reimagines the customer experience, putting the customer at the heart of everything they do. 

Toyota New Zealand has been the market leader in New Zealand for over 30 years. They believe that every day is an opportunity to improve and if you can dream it, you can do it. 

Toyota did a lot of research into the car buying process and where people were happy and unhappy. Research showed that customers were happiest was when they weren’t talking to a car dealer, which prompted a fundamental rethink of the car buying process. 

“The car buying process hasn’t really changed in over 100 years,” Toyota NZ’s Team Leader, Digital Marketing, explains. “Dealers are still called dealers because that’s where you go to deal, to negotiate. So Toyota NZ have changed the way New Zealanders buy cars to allow the customer to do the research they want to do in the place that they want to do it.” 

Toyota started by imagining an ideal customer journey and looked for a partner that would provide the skills that would help support their long-term vision. 

Shaun says: “Intergen very early on realised the scope of what Toyota New Zealand was trying to do and started putting the appropriate people around the account.”  

"It has changed the way Toyota does business. The power has shifted to the customer.”

— Shaun, Team Leader, Digital Marketing, Toyota New Zealand


Unleashing the power of Episerver

Toyota New Zealand’s Epi website improves the customer experience by providing customers with the tools they need when they need them. The ‘compare’ feature, for example, allows customers to put one car up alongside another car and compare all the specifications on it. The ‘build-your-own’ tool allows customers to add or remove accessories, change the colour, rotate the car and see how it will actually look. It’s a very simple and intuitive interface to use. At the end of the build-your-own process you get to have a look at a summary of the car that you have customised and when you are ready you can select your local store.

The role of the sales consultant is now more of a trusted advisor. They’re there to assure the customer that their selection is right for them – a last check that you have got exactly the car that
you wanted.

Shaun says, “Customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we relied heavily on the Intergen developers to create a seamless experience for the customer. Intergen provided us with a great deal of depth and a lot of skills we didn’t have and challenged a lot of assumptions we’d made around what we required. We don’t have the luxury of turning our website off and fixing it. It has got to be right, it has to be public-facing, all the time.”

“Since we moved to Epi Ecommerce, we’re starting to tap more and more into customer behaviour. Not only does website behaviour indicate customer intent but it also gives us an inkling of customer satisfaction. Having a good product is one thing but having the support around that product is even more important. It has changed the way Toyota does business. The power has shifted to the customer.”

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