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Win the war on talent by delighting your people with simple, effective, and personalised experiences that reinforce your company values.

Managing your people experiences

Build outstanding people experiences.

Free up your staff with efficient processes, access to information, automation and collaboration and create an environment where your people and teams have all they need to do their best work.

With the competition for talent almost as strong as the competition for customers, creating a great people experience is essential.

This begins before a new employee even enters your building, with a digitally-enabled employment process that's driven by an efficient HR team. 

By showing that your organisation is modern and efficient, you'll 

create an experience that excites new team members and strengthens your employment brand proposition.

By enhancing the visibility of information related to your biggest asset – your people – you'll have the right analytics at hand to understand your workforce dynamics and develop strategic initiatives to continually improve the experience of your people.

To deliver a great people experience and reimagine the workplace environment an organisation must critically understand the entire employee experience journey to delight your team, retain your most valued assets, and support your people to do better business.

How we bring it to life

How we bring it to life

Dynamics 365 Human Resources provides an intuitive and robust experience to empower every team member through self-service.

Free up administrative staff to solve today’s people challenges, and greatly increase the visibility of your inhouse talent by making your data accessible. With proven technology that allows your solution to grow as you do, Human Resources rapidly enables organisations to modernise digitally and invest in their greatest assets.

Using a proven process called the Experience Reimagine Framework (XRF) and a design thinking approach, we draw out business and user needs and map out a journey of analysis, self-evaluation, planning, then action.

This process will show you where you can digitise, improve and automate manual or fragmented processes to deliver significant productivity improvements. You'll also identify the tools that your people want and need, based on how they want to work and engage.

Our consultants take you through a phased plan, including journey mapping, assessment and elimination of inefficient processes, articulation of hiring experiences and technology enablement, and then develop a plan to help you execute and deliver the best employee workplace experiences.

Create outstanding first impressions

Create outstanding first impressions

Setting a great first impression through the recruitment process helps to set your new employee up for success and drives better alignment to your company values.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources is built on the same proven Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365 platforms that underpin its heavyweight ERP and CRM families. It focuses on offering the most visually intuitive,
easy-to-navigate and people-centric experience possible to increase user adoption.

Accelerate people productivity

Accelerate people productivity

New hires can take time to deliver value back into the business, and shortening this lead time is a critical part of the onboarding process.

Leverage all of Microsoft by working the way you need to, with excellent connectivity options to productivity solutions, like Office 365, Microsoft Teams, and even specialised line-of-business applications.

Data connectivity offerings for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources ensure your teams have the most recent and relevant knowledge across your organisation to drive rapid and cohesive decision making.

Curated career journeys

Curated career journeys

Retention and people development are considerably less disruptive than talent acquisition. Extensive and critical people data is often necessary for organisations interested in effective talent and succession management.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources provides the core platform to supplement your people growth and development investments.

Digitise and transform each team member’s career planning and execution and foster quality employee connections with competencies, certifications, and interests.

Enable people self-service

Enable people self-service

With employee and manager self-service capabilities ready to go from day one, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources empowers staff at all levels to inquire and act efficiently and effectively, whether they are at their desk with a browser or accessing from remote locations with a mobile device.

Administrative teams can now direct valuable energy into solving modern-day people challenges and focus on business partnering.

Leveraging embedded Microsoft Power BI reports, staff and leaders can greatly increase visibility of key organisational metrics, such as diversity, turnover, and leave trends, while a robust shared data platform enables connectivity with external analytics tools.

Manage safety and wellbeing

Manage safety and wellbeing

With a myriad of best-of-breed occupational health and safety solutions in the market, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources allows organisations to start small, improve rapidly, and amplify their investments into rich specialised solutions to manage incidents and risks, and highlight areas of continuous improvement.

Delivering health, safety and wellbeing solutions to the front line workforce through Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft Power Apps is made easy with common, simplified employee data structures.

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