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How we help


Recognise, understand and act against threats to your environments.

Intrusion and threat protection

Take a proactive and protective approach to activity in your environments. 

Most security projects start with access and identity management, but equally important is intrusion, threat detection, and protection. It's not about shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted – it’s about taking a proactive approach to what’s happening in your environments and ensuring that you're well protected.

Most organisations are usually well-protected at an internal level, but attacks often happen to soft targets such as cloud applications that are easier to infiltrate. Outsourced applications give intruders an opportunity to exploit a weakness. 

If you have field teams or people working from home, you need to ensure your security is watertight, and that your business, employees, and customers are protected.

Being prepared is the best protection, as is quickly recognising signs of a breach. Don’t wait until for a security audit to identify unusual activity, or an attempted or actual breach. Protect your business and your brand.

How we bring it to life

How we bring it to life

Many businesses lack visibility of security threats and have concerns about the resolution of intrusion when it occurs.

Microsoft cybersecurity technologies help businesses exert a level of security and compliance, with security and trust core to the Microsoft platform. Specifically, control and protection can be realised through applications such as Microsoft 365 Defender, which manages real-time threat detection across the enterprise. To ensure ultimate protection, you need full Microsoft Defender for Endpoint detection and response or remediation (EDR) to ensure that your entire operation is protected, along with your smart devices, networks and electronic equipment.

Our experienced team will guide you through the steps needed to secure your internal and external environments, helping you recognise indicators of a threat or attack and act quickly to prevent it.

We will educate you in all aspects of threat intrusion and detection and then implement the best solutions to ensure you're protected against attacks. Should an attack occur, you'll be armed with an effective response mechanism to help reduce risks.

Assess your current security posture

Assess your current security posture

Is your organisation's current security capability and capacity sufficient to manage your brand risk? Do you have the right processes in place to support this? What can be interesting is to benchmark your focus on security against your peers.

Our security team assist you in assessing your current security posture to provide a baseline security assessment for your business.

Regulatory and compliance management

Regulatory and compliance management

Many organisations have specific obligations to report on cybersecurity risk and compliance. 

We help you find affordable solutions from within your current investment in your Microsoft platform to address any gaps in your security compliance audit. A scan across the audit can swiftly identify quick wins, lighting up elements of your Microsoft 365 solution that you already own.

While it's simple to enable your Microsoft 365 platform, doing this correctly, smartly, and with a mindset of continuous, iterative platform improvement is where you will gain true business value.

Prevent external threats impacting business

Prevent external threats impacting business

Do you have confidence in your ability to protect, detect, and respond swiftly to the continuously adapting cyber threat risks we're all exposed to?

The first step in intrusion and threat protection is to protect your users from inadvertently receiving or acting on any malicious content. With Microsoft 365 Defender, Azure Sentinel, and the wider Microsoft platform, we establish a proactive monitoring, management, and response platform to protect your users from suspect content.

Our security team helps you manage your end-to-end processes through our Managed Security Services.

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