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Empired and Intergen launch new digital experience platform and refreshed brand identity



Empired and Intergen have today launched their new digital experience platform for (Australia), (New Zealand) and (US).

Wednesday 25 November 2020

Empired and Intergen launch new digital experience platform and refreshed brand identity

Empired and Intergen have today launched their new digital experience platform for (Australia), (New Zealand) and (US).

Built on longstanding strategic partner Episerver’s leading Digital Experience Platform, the site has been created to enable a more modern, dynamic and customer-focused digital experience, with the goal of helping organisations to meet their unique business challenges and outcomes, connected and enabled by technology on an ongoing journey of continuous evolution.

The refreshed brand articulation reflects the precision with flair Empired and Intergen’s 1000-strong team bring to solving customers’ real-world problems and finding new opportunities for forward-thinking organisations with their creativity, insight, expertise and innovation.

Empired Managing Director, Russell Baskerville, says: “We are delighted to have launched our new more contemporary and outcome-oriented website, focusing on how we can think forward to help enable true and lasting change for our customers. Our brand refresh and website present who we are today through bold, precise, modern designs that speak of our passion and mission to deliver tailored experiences and outcomes that help our customers to do better business, create better experiences and enable their best possible future – achieving our mission to help enable tomorrow's advantage, today.”

Empired Chief Operating Officer and Intergen Chief Executive Officer, Simon Bright says: “Our digital platform revamp and brand refresh represents a significant step in our evolution as an organisation. We are especially proud of these for one key reason: at heart, they are all about how we connect with and drive the outcomes for our customers that will help enable their best future.

At the core of our brand, website and messaging, we are seeking to help our customers answer two fundamentally important questions:

What does better business, better experiences and the best future look like for your organisation?

And – How can we help you plan, design and set yourself up to achieve and sustain this advantage, connected and enabled by technology?”

With our new digital experience platform now live, it’s a fantastic feeling to have been able to draw on the incredible expertise of our Digital Experience team to design our own modern digital solution. We have helped build some some award-winning Episerver-based digital platforms for organisations such as Toyota New Zealand and Laser Clinics Australia, and it certainly feels like a momentous achievement to now have a modern digital experience platform of our very own!

A huge thank you to everyone who has been involved with us on this journey – to our talented team and to our valued customers who continue to help us evolve to deliver the best outcomes.”

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