A responsive digital shop window to the world.

The situation

Acknowledged world leader in kiwifruit marketing, Zespri is also one of the world’s leading horticultural companies. ‘Premium’ and ‘passion’ are central concepts for the Zespri brand.

A key component of Zespri’s marketing strategy is its local and global websites, which are effectively its shop window to the world. At the time of this project, the shop window was no longer doing justice to the Zespri brand.

"We're a premium product and it's really nice to have premium features that lift the site."

Melanie Palmer
Zespri Global Marketing Manager

The pain

Zespri’s corporate website had become somewhat outdated. What’s more, it was built on legacy technology that was no longer supported, making it expensive to update.

This cost was exacerbated by the lack of a fully functional CMS, forcing Zespri to outsource updates each time a page needed refreshing.

The technology

Zespri was already using Microsoft SharePoint for its intranet. It made sense, then, to consolidate websites and technologies with SharePoint for Zespri’s public face.

Intergen’s solution was to bring together SharePoint 2013 with HTML5. This solution provides user- friendly URLs with responsive design and animation, allowing websites that are accessible – and retain their great looks – via computer, tablet, mobile or TV.

The gain

Intergen supplied an industry strength, enduring content management web platform that could easily support a modern, appealing look and feel. This replaced a ‘clunky’ and sometimes frustrating user experience with one that is smooth and seamless for visitors.

In a market where things can happen quickly, Zespri can now keep content fresh and relevant quickly and easily. The site is flexible, with a contemporary feel that matches consumer expectations – and the responsive design means the engaging user experience can be extended to any device.

The delivery

Zespri was looking for a partner that understood their brand personality and knew how to best configure technology to deliver on the Zespri vision.

Intergen used Microsoft SharePoint 2013 with HTML5 in a responsive design that:

  • Ensured the site was future-proofed with HTML5
  • Had user-friendly URLs to make navigation easy
  • Used out-of-the-box Content Management and Authoring tools so Zespri staff could easily add or update content

Under pressure to replace the legacy web system that was no longer fully supported, Intergen delivered on time and to budget with a high quality solution.

Melanie Palmer, Zespri Global Marketing Manager, says, “Intergen was clearly focused on open communications. We set up regular meetings and it was easy for us to contact anyone at any time."

The business case

Beside being the corporate face of Zespri, the website also directs international browsers to their local websites. It’s critical, therefore, that the site looks terrific and is easy to navigate. As the global leader in kiwifruit, Zespri has a deep interest in encouraging people to buy, eat, work with or grow kiwifruit, and its websites play an important role in that.This work was also an opportunity for Zespri to gain significant, long term cost savings through more user friendly CMS tools.

The business value

Zespri now has the dynamic public face they were looking for. One that:

  • Is engaging and appealing on any device
  • Supports local Zespri websites in each country
  • Brings the Zespri brand to life 

It also allows Zespri to include recruitment pages on the corporate website. This was not part of the original plan, but Intergen found a way to include this functionality, providing Zespri with additional, unanticipated value.


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